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The Court of Honor was well planned and the potluck was tasty. I wish that more people would have attended. 

Crossover Ceremomy

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I liked the crossover ceremony because we got to see all the cub scouts who were joining the troop. Also,we were introduced to the parents. I liked the crossover because i got to  see my friend Chris crossover and got to give him my scarf, lapels and slide.

FOL Garage Sale

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The garage sale was fun and enjoyable because we got to go around helping other people unpack their stuff. It was interesting to see everything that everyone had.The garage sale was fun and enjoyable because we got to go around helping other people unpack their stuff. It was interesting to see everything that everyone had.

District Camporee

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The Troop participated in the District Scout Olympics. Some of the stations included Archery, Fire Making, Recreations, and First Aid. The one i liked the most was archery because they teach you how to shoot correctly and its a really fun activity. Even though we got caught in a storm we piled in a car and waited it out and continued with are activities.

Backpacking Trip

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This spring break Troop 1409 went on a Backpacking Trip at Hill Country Nature Preserve. The Scouts prepared for the trip two weeks in advance, they had a checklist of supplies that they had to bring including 3 liters of water and all of their gear that they had to carry 4 miles to the campsite. During this hike some Scouts were able to complete Merit Badge Requirements that included using a map and compass to hike to a designated area. When they finally made it to camp they found lots of things to climb.

FOL Stage setup at Round Rock Library

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We helped setup a stage at the RRL for the FOL's annual play. This required a lot of manual labor including; building the stage, hanging curtains, and using power tools. The part I enjoyed the most was exploring a new library and using power tools.

Webelos Invitational

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Webelos Invitational was for are upcoming Cub Scouts that would crossover. This event is one that we do annually to give the new Scouts an idea of what life in the Troop is like. We plan activities and meals for the Scouts. During this camp out we had a service project to clean up the park. To make it fun we had a competition for who could find the biggest and most interesting piece of trash.The Webelos Invitational was nicely put together. We could have recruited more cub scouts into our troop. The only thing that was bad about it was the ending dinner- Vamsi wasn't prepared with enough food.    

New Webmaster at Troop 1409

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Troop 1409 wants to welcome our new Webmaster Rozelle Scott-Henricks, a scout at the Tenderfoot rank.  Rozelle is in 6th grade and comes to the position with a good attitude and computer knowledge.   He welcomes good stories and news from all aspect of the Troop, the District and Council!

Logan O'Neil Eagle Project

posted Jul 15, 2018, 1:55 PM by Troop 1409 Wells Branch - Austin, TX

Logan chose an Eagle Project of building picnic tables for the Dessau Elementary School.  He wanted to provide a space where students could meet with parents for lunch and after school.  The project provides the community a face-to-face way of communicating and interacting instead of technology based interactions. The picnic tables are made from treated lumber that has been stained and protected.  These tables can be found in the front of the school.

Scouts attend Summer Camp Tahuaya 2018

posted Jul 15, 2018, 12:24 PM by Troop 1409 Wells Branch - Austin, TX

Camp Tahuaya is a beautiful, heavily forested 150 acre camp with the largest natural spring in Texas. Walking distances are short! The lake is stocked with trout. The cold sparkling  springs attracted the camps & burial grounds of prehistoric Plainview Man, and later several Native American tribes. Spanish Conquistadors built their forts here.

Texas settlers built a grinding mill and millrace whose ruins are now historic landmarks in the camp. The Old Military Road and
the Shanklin Mill brought thousands of wagons to the spring, carving deep wheel ruts still visible in the stone by our lake.

The stone fences, plentiful arrowheads, Military Road, and millrace ruins are visible reminders of Camp Tahuaya’s frontier heritage.

The boys worked hard to fix the existing fire pit to update it to current fire safety standards. Clearing out a twenty-foot circle of all the grass and gathering the rocks from the campground to make a ring.  The firepit was placed in the center!

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