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Troop 1409 Officers — Responsibility List

posted Apr 22, 2012, 5:55 PM by Troop 1409 Wells Branch - Austin, TX   [ updated Nov 25, 2013, 7:03 AM by Greg Jewett ]
Troop 1409 Officers — Responsibility List
March 2012

Senior Patrol Leader Plan and run all PLCs and Troop Meetings in conference with Scoutmaster.  Appoint all Troop Officers after approval by Scoutmaster (except Patrol Leaders and Patrol officers).  Lead all Troop outings and activities.  Help train all Troop Officers.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Assist Senior Patrol Leader in managing the Troop, and substitute for the SPL when he is absent.  Supervise the performance of all appointed Troop Officers, and help train them in their roles.
Patrol Leaders Plan and lead patrol meetings and activities.  Assign each patrol member a job and help them succeed.  Represent the patrol members at PLC, and keep the patrol members informed of discussions and decisions.  Prepare the patrol to take part in all troop activities.  Develop patrol spirit.
Assistant Patrol Leader Serve also as Patrol Quartermaster, in charge of Patrol chuck box.
Quartermaster Be responsible for all Troop equipment stored in closet.  Create inventory of Troop equipment.  Check gear in and out, inspect that everything is kept clean, update check-out records.  Keep track of inventory and supplies, notify SM if equipment needs servicing or replacing.  Before each campout check: propane (or butane) supply; lantern batteries and bulbs; red cooking supply box supplies; First Aid Kit; any ropes need repair?
Scribe Keep the Troop calendar and provide updated calendar to PLC & adults.  Make and keep records of all PLC meetings, maintain records of all campouts and attendance, keep records for National Camping Award, maintain records of service projects and participation, and special event participation.  Update Troop Advancement Poster as appropriate.        
Troop Guide Coach the New Patrol Leader, provide guidance, teaching, and support to the New Scout Patrol members.
Instructor Teach new Scouts the skills necessary for camping and for advancement through Tenderfoot, Second, and First Class ranks.
Order of the Arrow Representative Represent Troop at all OA meetings and elections.  Serve as communication link between Troop and OA chapter.  Encourage Arrowmen to advance to Brotherhood.  Encourage camping and participation in high adventure activities.
Librarian Be responsible for all Troop books and historical records, including trophies and awards.  Keep merit badge library and other books in order and up to date, check books in and out, post and store all posters during meetings, maintain supply of Troop calendars and rosters.
Historian/WebReporter Maintain Troop Web site current events.  Create and upload reports and photographs of troop activities.  “The historian’s primary duty is to develop a trip report for each campout.  This report should include a written summary of the trip, as well as photographs and other documentation, working with the scribe, the historian should include a list of all Scouts who attended.”
Den Chief Serve as activities assistant at den meetings.  Meet regularly with Den Leader to review den and pack meeting plans.  Set a good example and help prepare Cubs/Webelos for Boy Scouting.