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    • Merit Badge counselors will be able to review and approve merit badge progress of the merit badges that they are teaching/counseling.

Parents and Leaders —

As part of our Scouting program we have the opportunity to work with our youth to help them earn Merit Badges. Merit Badges give a Scout the opportunity to learn about new fields and skills. These skills will help guide our youth in what they study in school, how t hey earn a living or maybe just become a life-long hobby or interest.

The merit badge counselor assesses the Scout’s knowledge to ensure he has completed all the required work—no more, and no less. You may not add to, delete from, or modify the merit badge requirements in any way, although certain considerations can be made for Scouts with disabilities.

In order for the Scouts to work on a Merit Badge, we need to have qualified merit badge counselors. We would like you to be one of our Merit Badge Counselors.

The Boy Scouts of America wants to provide a safe environment for both you and the Scouts. As part of this process, you would need to complete the Merit Badge Counselor Requirements listed below.

If you have any interest in being a Merit Badge Counselor please ask and we will assist you with the process:

Merit Badge Counselor Forms

1. BSA Adult Membership App 524-501

Position Code: 42 - Scouting position (description): Merit Badge Counselor

2. Youth Protection

3. Merit Badge Counselor Information Form 2013