July 4th Fundraiser

Post date: Jun 05, 2012 12:52:27 AM

Every year, Troop 1409 sells water and sodas at the Fourthfest in Wells Branch. This is a MAJOR fundraiser to help us replenish funds in our General Funds Account. Last year we made a PROFIT of a little over $600. I'd like to shoot for $750 this year.VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE

I have the following Scouts (and parents) listed as volunteers (shifts noted unless not specified by the Scout). I've made an attempt to set assignments, but please keep in mind the boys will be able to take breaks during this time or can switch with others. My big goal was to just ensure we have some starting point and can give each boy a chance to work at a different station.


Anil and Greg J. will be coordinating to purchase the following drinks for us from Costco.


We need people to bring their CLEAN coolers to the Annex this Sunday afternoon during the Scout meeting. Please be sure you have your cooler labeled with your name.

We'll need enough to have one cooler per product.

We will also need two rolling coolers (although I will also be bringing a wagon in case we need to put a regular cooler on it to roll around)


I'll be taking care of having $100 in petty cash available at the beginning of the sale so we can break bills


Coolers will be labeled by product and loaded with cans prior to Wednesday morning. As of Wednesday morning, I will need several people (as discussed in the meeting) to meet at the Annex at 8:00 AM to take coolers to the ice company in Pflugerville to load them with ice.

Anil and Jennifer will be available through the day to help make additional ice runs.


Rich will bring a dolly to the Annex to help us move coolers to and from vehicles and the park


Regail and Spencer have offered to purchase decorations and make signs for the tables. We will need parents to assist in set up during the parade while the boys are marching.


I'll have a regular drink cooler at the tables as well, filled with lemonade or punch, for our Scouts/parents to drink from during the sales (thanks for the suggestion from Tyler!)


SUNDAY - bring coolers during meeting

SUNDAY/MONDAY - Anil/Greg J. to purchase drinks and drop off at annex

TUESDAY - coolers to be labeled/cans loaded - I'll be there around 6 PM Tuesday to load the coolers if anyone wants to come help :)


8:00 - meet at annex to take coolers to load with ice

9:00 - 9:30 - deliver coolers to park/set up tables; Boys assemble for Parade preparation

10:00 - Parade/parents staff booth

10:30 - 5:00 - booth sales

5:00 - booth shut down/clean up - coolers and excess drinks back to Annex

Scouts should be in Class A uniforms during the parade (shirts tucked in with Scout belt). During sales, Scouts should remain in Class As with shirts tucked in, but can change into more comfortable shorts if they wish. We should look presentable at all time :)