Cook Box Inventory

Post date: Nov 09, 2012 2:56:17 AM


    1. Two people from the patrol do the inventory.

    2. Record the date of the inventory in the space provided.

    3. Carefully review the contents of your patrol box.

    4. Make a shopping list of all needed items.

    5. Advise the Quartermaster of any missing equipment*

Cooking Utensils (report missing items to Quartermaster)

Chefs Tool Kit (report missing items to Quartermaster)

Food Items (Purchase these items)

Soap and Cleaning Products (Purchase these items)

Paper, Plastic and Foil (Purchase these items)

Miscellaneous (Report missing items to Quartermaster)

X = Supply is inadequate: purchase more

O = Supply is okay


Inventory Date:

___ / ___ /20__

Chuck Boxes

Current Chuck Box inventory, completed by Jill Douglass and Grant Dzurenko.