Scout Meet with Elected Officials

Post date: Mar 13, 2015 2:14:52 PM

Scouts and Leaders of Troop 1409 and Crew 1409 came out to meet with the elected officials of the Wells Branch and surrounding Austin community at the Elected Officials Reception at the Wells Branch Community Center. Members met and shook hands with State Representative Celia Israel, Mr. Adan Ballesteros (Constable), and Mr. Randall Slagle (Justice of the Peace), and Travis County Commissioner for Pct. 2, Brigid Shea. Eric spoke with Mr. Israel again about his “Solar Roadways”, and she told us that she was very happy she was elected into the Transportation Committee. She remembered coming to speak with us at the Troop house. Mr. Randall Slagle had a very firm handshake - and told the scout’s he better not see any of them in his courtroom!

Mr. Ballesteros (and his executive aide) told us about his Wilderness First Aid training, and encouraged scouts to come! He said they teach their officers the same as they teach scouts and others. On a side note, I know Aden very well, as I see him many times when we go to Mama Jack’s breakfast place in the mornings.

State Representative Celia Israel

Mr. Adan Ballesteros (Constable)

Mr. Randall Slagle (Justice of the Peace)

Travis County Commissioner for Pct. 2, Brigid Shea