Scouts attend Summer Camp Tahuaya 2018

Post date: Jul 15, 2018 7:24:52 PM

Camp Tahuaya is a beautiful, heavily forested 150 acre camp with the largest natural spring in Texas. Walking distances are short! The lake is stocked with trout. The cold sparkling springs attracted the camps & burial grounds of prehistoric Plainview Man, and later several Native American tribes. Spanish Conquistadors built their forts here.

Texas settlers built a grinding mill and millrace whose ruins are now historic landmarks in the camp. The Old Military Road and

the Shanklin Mill brought thousands of wagons to the spring, carving deep wheel ruts still visible in the stone by our lake.

The stone fences, plentiful arrowheads, Military Road, and millrace ruins are visible reminders of Camp Tahuaya’s frontier heritage.

The boys worked hard to fix the existing fire pit to update it to current fire safety standards. Clearing out a twenty-foot circle of all the grass and gathering the rocks from the campground to make a ring. The firepit was placed in the center!