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Troop 1409 Scout Handbook

Delivering the promise of Scouting doesn’t happen by chance. Scouts are organized into patrols – grouped by and skill level – and they meet periodically as a troop to further their experience in the scouting program. The Boy Scout troop is structured so that it is led by the youth members themselves, with guidance from adult leaders behind the scenes. As a Scout develops the necessary skills through participation in weekly meetings and outdoor experiences, he moves up the ranks in troop leadership.

To help meet our promise of fun and adventure for Scouts while achieving Scouting’s aim of encouraging character growth, mental development, citizenship, and physical fitness, eight fundamental methods are used to deliver the program:

  • The ideals

  • The patrol method

  • The outdoors

  • Advancement

  • Association with adults

  • Personal Growth

  • Leadership development

  • The uniform

Our Scoutmasters are the ones “on the front line” in delivering the promise and helping the Troop achieve the aims through the methods. This document was developed to help guide the Scoutmasters in meeting those goals, by clearly stating exactly what the roles and responsibilities are for the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters.

Troop 1409 Committee Positions

SCOUTMASTER: Primary function is to train and guide the boy scouts, and work with other responsible adults to bringing scouting to the boys, and to use the methods of scouting to achieve the aims of scouting. They attend weekly troop meetings and monthly committee meetings, take part in recharter, discuss scout progress with the committee parents, and encourage parent participation. Help recruit scouts, delegate responsibilities, make it possible for each scout to attend campouts, summer camp, participate in district and council events. They ensure BSA policies are followed, encourage adult leaders to be trained, and attend roundtable.

ASSISTANT SCOUTMASTERS: Help guide the program of the troop. Each ASM is assigned specific duties and reports to the SM. They help provide “two deep” leadership. They serve as the Scout Master in the Scout Masters absence. Attend Committee and troop meetings.

COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Have all committee positions filled, call and preside at regular monthly meetings. Maintain a close working relationship with leaders by keeping them informed of activities, advancement, camping and training. See that charter application is completed and turned in to council office before the expiration month.

SECRETARY: Attend monthly meeting. Keep minutes of meetings. Assist with communications to the troop parents. Create monthly calendars. Make copies/handouts of parent information.

TREASURER: Attend monthly meeting. Supervise sound troop/team budget plan. Keep financial record book. Responsible for bank account requiring two signatures.

Volunteer Coordinator-Scott Swain: Coordinate with Parents to provide two deep coverage at troop meetings and necessary coverage on camping trips and other Troop activities as needed and requested by Troop leaders.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS Parents of Scouts as needed: Attend monthly meeting. Go on camping trips, help with vehicles/ transportation for the boys, assist with proj ects, etc... Utilize skills to assist boys with merit badges (ex. Merit badge counselor). Overall parent involvement with the boys/troop.

COMMUNICATION COORDINATOR: Attend weekly meetings. Create and/or update a troop website, outbound communications with parents.

MERIT BADGE COORDINATOR: Recruit/find merit badge counselors to assist scouts in getting merit badges. Set up training session for scouts. Keep track of earned and needed merit badges.

CAMPING COORDINATOR: Attends monthly meeting. Makes reservations, scheduling and communicating who is going (boys and parents), money for food, drivers, creates and faxes planning sheet.

EQUIPMENT COORDINATOR: Supervise and help the troop procure needed equipment. Inventory, safety inspections of troop equipment. Attend committee meetings, coordinate replacement of defective, broken or unusable equipment.

FUNDRAISING CHAIR: Supervises fundraising, comes up with ideas for fundraising to bring funds to the troop and ensures the boy scouts and parents have the opportunity to participate in fundraising events.

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