Popcorn Fundraising

Post date: Jul 28, 2013 1:35:36 PM

Troop 1409 2013 PopcornShow N’ Sell Guide

Contact: Popcorn Kernel - Devon Gray - 512-818-1028 – dgray@apple.com

Each year, we have this opportunity to participate in our district’s primary fundraiser. Through this fundraiser, our Scouts can raise money through popcorn sales to pay for their program for the year (ex. camp fees, training dues, activities). The first phase, our Show N’ Sell phase, begins on Saturday, August 3rd. During this phase, pre-identified district approved only locations around our area will be available for our Scouts (accompanied by parent/guardian) to set up a table and sell Trail’s End gourmet popcorn. I will be working with the district to reserve the best locations for our Troop every week.

Our schedule (sign-up location/dates and times) for each week of the Show N’ Sell phase will be emailed to participating Scouts/guardians following the timeline listed below:

Week 1 - August 3 - August 9 - Schedule to be published July 31

Week 2 - August 10 - August 16 - Schedule to be published August 7

Week 3 - August 17 – August 25 - Schedule to be published August 14

Show N Sell ends on August 25th.

Based on the locations I’m able to reserve, the Scouts and their guardians should identify what dates/times they wish to utilize. Best efforts will be made to reserve a variety of locations and time slots during the week. If you have a specific request, please let me know. Reservations are set first come, first serve, so reply as soon as possible to my reservation date emails.

Goals: We hope that each Scout will set a personal goal prior to starting their sales. It is not unrealistic for a Scout to earn enough to pay for the annual dues plus enough for a winter/summer camp ($325 +/-). Our Troop will receive 35% commission for all sales. These funds will be allocated to the Scout responsible for the sales, and will assist the Scout by covering Scouting fees, expenses for special events (camping, training events) among other things. It is the responsibility of the Scout to try to “pay their way” through the program, so this fundraiser is a perfect opportunity for them to do so.

The funds will be held in the Troop 1409 account and a balance maintained by the Treasurer to show available funds per Scout. When the Scout wishes to use their funds for their program expenses, the Treasurer should be notified so the appropriate adjustments can be made in the Troop books.

Sales Plan:

Popcorn inventory will be checked out upon request. An inventory log will be kept to track how much product each Scout has taken/returned.

Please call me to coordinate pick up of your popcorn (512-818-1028). Initial distribution will be available after our pick up of the inventory on August 2nd. Distribution will be at the Annex Saturday August 3rd between 10 AM and 12 PM.

Reservations will be made on a first come/first serve basis, so it will be important for Scouts/guardians to select their locations from the list as early as possible. Two Scouts can be signed up for each location during the allotted time. If Scouts are selling at the same location together, sales/donations will be split evenly between the Scouts.

The following items will be available for sale:

Scouts/guardians should be prepared with the following when selling:

  • small table (card table)

  • poster/sign identifying Troop 1409

  • container to collection donations (labeled “Popcorn for the Troops”)

  • change (in order to break bills)

  • container to collect $ from sales

  • paper/pen

Please be sure to also take a small cooler with drinks. With this heat, it goes without saying that the Scouts and parents need to stay well hydrated!

Checks can be accepted. Please ask the customer to make them out to “Troop 1409”.

If you need signs or any other supplies, please call me. Some pre-made signs can be made available if needed.

Unsold inventory and funds will be collected at the end of the sales period, as I have to turn in funds to the district contact following the sale. Scouts will be responsible for paying for any missing inventory checked out to them.

Rules for Selling:

  • Scouts/guardians should greet the manager of the store/location where they will be selling prior to the beginning of their time slot

  • Scouts should be out in front of their table in full uniform and ask every person exiting the location “Would you like to help your local Scouts by buying some of our popcorn?” or something similar…samples can be set out or pictures of our Troop displayed

  • Scouts should always be respectful; their tone should be upbeat and energetic

  • If a person says “No, thank you”, the Scout should be sure to respond with “Thank You anyway” in a sincere tone of voice

  • Scouts should know their products as well as the prices; customers may quiz them

  • Scouts should also be able to tell customers what the money will be used for. Practice their response to include that it helps them pay their own way and goes toward camp outs, supplies, training, etc.

  • During this phase of popcorn sales, door-to-door sales are forbidden as is selling at work locations. These two activities are allowed during the take-order phase only.

  • At least one parent/guardian should be with the Scout at each location at all times.

Contact Information:

Popcorn Kernel - Devon Gray

20108 Wearyall Hill Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660

Phone: 512-989-8677 (home); 512-818-1028 (cell)

Thanks for your support in making this a GREAT fundraiser for our Troop!