Summer Camp at Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp — Updated!

Post date: Apr 29, 2012 2:14:43 PM

    • Troop 1409 will be attending the Summer Camp at Lost Pines during the week of June 10th — 16th, 2012.Meet at the Annex @ 10am

    • Please pack a lunch.

    • Make sure you have your Medical Forms

    • (parts A, B, and C)

    • Swim Test (w/Troop or Lifeguard certified)


We must have volunteers to help at the summer camp. The prime objective and requirement is a 2 deep coverage (two adults).

ONE (1) of those adults will be Rich Michelson, who will be at the camp for the entire week.

The second slot for each day can be filled in one of the following ways:

    • ONE adult per day (7am - 11pm) to assist Rich with all the daily tasks and to keep the coverage two deep, as required by the camp and council.

    • TWO ADULTS at the camp each day, taking one of the two shifts. ONE adult in the day shift (7am - 3pm), and ONE adult in the rush hour shift (3pm - 11pm).

We need volunteers who can be "on call", “hot standby” adult volunteers, who are willing to be first responders should we have a crisis during the “overnight”, “Day”, “rush hour” shifts. These “back up” parents are committing to go to the camp in response to a call from Rich, and remain there until end of the shift and/or the crisis is resolved.

We would like to have more volunteers to assist at the summer camp during the rush hour (3pm to 7pm) to assist in making this camp a very positive experience for every scout. We have up to four slots available for additional coverage.

IF you wish to assist Rich the entire day, please select and sign-up for BOTH required volunteer slots. Please fill slots top-down (required first, optional next).

Texas Youth Camps Safety and Health Act FORM

Camp Mailbox

If you would like to send your scout an letter or care package while they are at camp, use the following address. Make sure to send well in advance so they get it while they are at camp. Mail comes in around 3pm send early by Tuesday at the latest.

Scout's Name and Troop #

Lost Pines Scout Reservation

785 FM 1441

Bastrop, TX 78602

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Phone Number: 512-303-0768

Scouts will not be able to bring electronics or cellphones. They will be confiscated. Please use the above number to reach a scout in he case of emergency.