Minutes from the October 2012 Committee Meeting

Post date: Oct 09, 2012 5:17:6 PM

Committee, I wanted to document my notes from the meeting on Monday. Please chime in with clarifications / additions as needed:

We met October 1st, attending were:

    • Michael Ames - Committee Chair

    • Roger Gray - Scout Master

    • Greg Jewett - ASM & Communication Chair

    • Rich Michelson - ASM and Recruiting Chair

    • Lakshmi Damerla - Camping Activities Chair

    • Olga Lizcano - Advancement Chair

    • Connor Gray - Senior Patrol Leader

    1. Senior Patrol Leader Connor Gray brought a report to the committee about the state of the Troop. In summary, he noted that the troops had a low morale/excitement about 1409 activities, some of the scouts in the troop meetings lacked self control in the meetings (disruptive), and the 50% scout participation in outside activities that we are experiencing was disappointing. After discussion the we concluded that the PLC would include as a part of their monthly agenda the creation and maintaining of a prioritized list of fun activities that would energize the troop and increase participation. It was agreed that the SPL would review the list with the Committee each month, and the committee would approve selected activities from the SPL's activity list and incorporate them in the upcoming activities calendar for the scouts. The SPL and PLC members would also take the steps to build the troop interest and excitement about the activities to promote participation and attendance.

    2. We also agreed that going forward we would measure our progress of Troop 1409 along 3 lines:

      • Participation of scouts in activities (percentage of troop)

      • Growth in ranks (# of scouts)

      • Growth in individuals (#promotions and #badges)

    3. Rich Michelson - ASM & Recruiting Chair reported that we need den chiefs for Pack 140 and Pack 406. Roger/Conner took the lead to create a list of candidates from the troop. Candidates must hold the rank of 1st class, or on the verge of earning the rank.

    4. Rich Michelson - Webelos woods is October 19th and 20th. Troop 1409 will participate, Rich is creating games with a backpacking theme. Rich is creating a scout "take home" laminated like item for the cub scout participants. Mike Ames / Greg Jewett / Tyler Bacchi will create a parent 1409 sheet to take home.

    5. Upcoming MUD activities that may involve Troop 1409 includes Fishing Tournament October 13th at Mills Pond

    6. The Committee will continue to meet on the first Monday each month at 7PM at the scout house. The committee chair will coordinate with Treasurer for the report, and we will hold fund raising discussions at parents meetings held on Sunday afternoons during the troop meeting time.

    7. Key Dates coming up:

      • Sunday October 7th - Troop PLC Cleanup of storage cabinets at Troop House 2PM

      • Sunday October 14th - Deadline to sign up for winter camp. $100 deposit needed per scout

      • Friday October 26th - Sunday Oct 28th - Troop Campout at Perdenales Falls

      • Saturday November 10th - Troop 1409 Committee Member Training