Movie Night: Soda Sales Fundraisers

Post date: Jul 09, 2012 3:1:52 AM

Our Troop has the chance to raise money by selling drinks at the Movie Night scheduled in Wells Branch on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. The event is at Katherine Fleischer Park and starts at 8:00. The movie (Adventures of Tin Tin) starts at 9 PM.This would be our first time to do it, so it is somewhat unknown territory. My guess is that we would want to have a table set up near the screen (not sure where that would be, but you could contact the MUD to find out). A few coolers (perhaps three or four) with a small assortment of drinks/water. We could use the signs from the Fourthfest booth as appropriate.

I'd say at least two to three parents, and two to three Scouts to help with the event.

Since this would be our first time to sell at the event, I'm sure we'd come out of it with adjustments to make for future events.

Olga Lizcano is coordinating the July 14th event. Please get in touch With Olga if you can help out.

There is another chance the Troop has been given to raise money. Please be on the look out for another email for Movie Night Soda Sales near August 11th.

Here's what I'd recommend to whomever takes up the task:Supplies:TableSignMoney container/changeFour coolers/iceDrink assortment:

    • Mostly water (2 cases?)

    • Coke (1 case?)

    • Diet Coke (1 case?)

    • Dr. Pepper (1 case?)

    • Sprite (1 case?)