Photo Library

These are photos contributed by scouts and leaders to be shared amongst only within the troop.

Do not share these photos outside the troop without explicit permission from the Scout Master.


The viewing options to the left are in a slideshow format and do not allow you to download the photos.

If you would like to look at larger versions of the photos (if available) you can use the web based Picasa to upload all your photos.

Try out Google Picasa on your Mac or PC!

Once you are in, you can use it to as your primary photo organizer (highly recommended), and instruct the program to keep your photo library centralized and organized.. not sure what the exact options are. You should do this before you let it scan your computer for photos. Once this is done, you find all kinds of pictures that were scattered all over the hard drive organized by event and such — stored into your Pictures (or folder of choice). Absolutely - please make backups of this folder somewhere off your computer (little hard drive, large thumb drive, DVD, what have you… something)

Once you are happy with Picasa, you can instruct Picasa to upload specific folders or events to the Troop 1409 website.. and if you care - you can have photos other people (including myself) be brought down to your computer. The only catch here is that if you choose to do this - then you can not delete any - as it will delete the photos from the website! :-(

Photos from 2012 and Earlier

Photos from 2013 Scouting Year

Photos from 2014 Scouting Year