Camp Cards

Post date: Apr 18, 2012 4:26:21 AM

The Camp Card SaleThe Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer or winter resident camp, high adventure or day camp.

  • Participating units will earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each $5 Camp Card they sell

  • The sale begins in April with card distribution at Troop Meetings and ends at May 5th Troop Meeting about a month to sell and close out their accounts

PLEASE REMEMBER, like last year, CAMP CARDS are $5 each!

Selling cut-off date: SUNDAY, May 5th Troop Meeting. You can drop off all money and pick up more cards if you wish anytime before May 5th, but all cards and money must be turned in by May 5th! You must return the cash value of all cards sold and any remaining unsold cards.

YOU MUST TURN IN ALL MONEY and UNSOLD CARDs by the Troop Meeting on May 5th.


Your job as Camp Master is to teach your Scouts how to sell. To get there, your team needs to employ multiple sales methods. Cre- ate a plan and train your Scouts in all methods; this will give you the best results.

  • Door to Door: Take your Sales Kit and Cards for a trip around the neighborhood. Highlight the great coupons!

  • Have your parents sell at work: A great way for Mom and Dad to help their Scout. Have Mom and Dad take the Sales Kit to their work- place.

Safety and Courtesy

Be sure to review these safety and courtesy tips with your Scouts and parents

  • Sell with another Scout or with your parents (if selling with adult leaders who are not your parents, there should be more than one adult to satisfy BSA’s two-deep leadership standard)

  • Never enter anyone’s home

  • Never sell after dark, unless with an adult

  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash

  • Always walk on the sidewalk and driveway

  • Be careful of dogs while selling

  • Say thank you whether or not the prospect buys a Camp Card

Sales Techniques for Scouts

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the Camp Card sale to train your Scouts in public speaking, sales and service. Your Scouts and parents will appreciate the effort and sales will improve.

Have Scouts role play and practice during your Kick-Off. Find a way to make training fun and reward Scouts who do a good job.

Have your Scouts practice these simple steps:

  • Wear your uniform.

  • Smile and tell them who you are – first name only!

  • Tell them where you are from (unit within Scouting) > Tell them what you are doing (earning money toward Scout Camp, high adventure trip, etc.)

  • Tell them what they can do to help (save money with the Camp Card)

  • Close the sale, and thank them

You’re Selling Camp, not “Discount Cards”

“You’re not buying a coupon. You’re help- ing a Scout pay his own way to camp”

Make sure your families understand that they are selling character, a better community and the benefits of Scouting summer and winter camp... not “discount cards”. Emphasize that each card sold helps a Scout go to camp. Your sale will be successful because people want to support young people who are earning their own way.

(Example of previous 2012 Camp Card; NOT the current Camp Card)

NEW IN 2013: Each district has its own version of the Camp Card, with local businesses from each district service area!