Every campfire, ever.

Post date: Dec 17, 2016 1:46:18 PM

Every Scout knows that during a campfire, it is a constant struggle to avoid the smoke from the fire. If it gets into your eyes, it burns and causes you to cry. If you accidentally inhale it, you will start coughing. If you manage to avoid those two incidents, you will still smell like a campfire until you wash your clothes!What techniques have you deployed to try to avoid the smoke?

Have you ever had a phrase you iterated in hopes it would convince the smoke to go elsewhere? It is a little well known fact that smoke as a hot gas is attracted to colder objects (ie us), thus probably where the thought that smoke follows us and we could try to convince it to go elsewhere!

What are some of the phrase you have heard?

  • "I hate fluffy bunny rabbits!"

  • "gray bunny gray bunny go away"

  • "I hate white bunny rabbits!"

  • "white rabbit, white rabbit", then move!

  • If you are roasting s'mores, I have heard that stuffing your mouth with marshmallows and then trying to utter "fluffy bunnies" also works!

So this is for every Scout who as ever sat at a Pack, Troop or other campfire! Enjoy!

Can you build a smokeless fire? No!However, you can build a fire that will have drastically less smoke or direct the smoke in a predictable location so you can enjoy the fire!

Check out this article: Building a smokeless fire...

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